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What happens when friends and family are not supportive of your business initiatives? It could be rather surprising to find out that they don’t understand what you do or think you’re crazy to be doing it. That’s when it becomes important to build up a circle of contacts who will provide the support you need. They could be other business owners, people, or clients you meet who are up to speed with your eyesight.

As you build your business, plan changes in your individual life plus your professional one. Accept that these transitions are normal and that you are not the only one experiencing them. It’s part of the changeover process that most of us have to see in order to connect with this purpose and exhibit ourselves in the world.

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  • Identify and clarify the components of the marketing mix (brief introduction)
  • When is your service probably to begin with, and also will certainly it be part-time or full-time
  • Logical, investigative and analytical mind, as well as creative abilities
  • House sitting

If you remain considering moving I’d like to offer you a no-obligation move analysis. A move evaluation examines your overall goals, and then I give you an honest opinion concerning if your targets are feasible. I hope this letter finds you well and please feel free to contact me at any right time.

Today I noticed your home at 446 Housley Ave is no longer listed on … Read the rest

Living In Luxury In Ancient Rome

How gratifying it will need to have been to live in Ancient Rome in the first few centuries of our period. But only when you were rich! To get a rich Roman was fabulously rich, as is to be expected within an imperialist society based on slavery. Sumptuous homes, imported fabrics, great artwork, excellent entertainment, the best possible of food brought in from all around the Empire which very fact of prosperity – time.on your hands.

Some of the many luxuries liked by well-to-do Ancient Romans were theatre-going, gym exercises, and delicious eating in beautiful surroundings. People haven’t transformed in several thousand years. Ancient Roman clothing was symbolic of position and power and no other color more obviously represented prestige than purple. Only the most expensive dyes were used to produce purple and so it became synonymous with wealth and power. The dyes used for multicolored tunics were made out of crimson shellfish (with colors ranging from deep orange to a black-purple) and was said to have left a faint odor that made the wearer “smell of money”.

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  • All the statistics in the world can’t gauge the warmth of a smile. – Chris Hart
  • Manowar, ” Master of the Wind”

It got some 12,000 Murex shellfish to remove 1.5 grams of the pure purple dye. Legend tells us that Hercules discovered the dye when his dog munched on some snails along the Levantine coast and ended … Read the rest

The Accidental Taxonomist

As online shopping expands, the business of products for sale on e-commerce websites becomes progressively important, and there is more standardization also. Websites present the option to either search (used by customers who know very well what they need and what things to call it) and browse (utilized by customers who aren’t sure about what they want or what things to call it). For holiday gift shopping, browsing tends to be more prevalent than usual, so displayed taxonomies take on an especially high visibility at the moment.

For browsing, e-commerce websites typically organize their products into hierarchical categories, which are narrowed by the use of facets then. Top level categories correspond to “departments” and may be only 2-3 for a specialty retailer or as much as 12-17 for a general/mass merchandise retailer. Usually the hierarchy expands a couple of more levels deeper, although an extremely large store might find the necessity for an occasional fourth level.

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At the low levels of the hierarchy, the customer will then refine the group of products by use of facets (also called attributes, filters, refinements, proportions, “limit by,” or “narrow by”). The facets are four characteristics that cut across multiple categories. Facets may be for size, … Read the rest

Bounty Hunters In Popular Media

Bounty hunting has made an appearance in a myriad of popular media, although most do not pertain to the commercial bail bonds industry. Despite this, popular media allows us to view the public’s opinion plus some misconceptions on the bounty hunters today. The bail bonds industry is one which includes gained a great deal of popularity lately with the upsurge in press coverage on shows such as “Dog The Bounty Hunter” and “Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force”. Although the majority of these shows primarily the aspects of the job that entails bounty hunters, there are some aspects that show the entire life of the bondsman as well.

Another popular movie that came out featuring bounty hunting as its main story was the successful Jenifer Aniston flick “The Bounty Hunter”. One YOUR MONEY CAN BUY: A fresh movie is scheduled to be released later this season in 2012 starring Katherine Heigl who looks for a lifetime career as a bounty hunter with her cousin’s firm after becoming unemployed. In this particular movie Stephanie Plum (played by Katherine Heigl) is recently divorced and manages to lose her job as a lingerie dealer and lands employment with her cousin who runs a bail bonds business.

Her cousin Vinnie (Patrick Fischler) assigns her for an ironic job to apprehend her previous enthusiast Joe Morelli (Jason OMara) who was simply a local police officer that is currently away from home. This movie is another humor using the role of a bounty hunter to portray an ironic … Read the rest