5 Best SHORT-TERM Investment Plans With High Returns In India

Read along to learn more about these cost-savings schemes, and discover which is the best option for you, to increase your savings. As one of the preferred choices of all people, cost savings accounts offer maximum liquidity. This helps you withdraw funds and anywhere without any hassles anytime. However, with an interest rate hovering around 4%, a savings account is not the best investment vehicle, unless you need access to all of your funds constantly.

Additional Read: Fixed Deposit Vs. Fixed debris is easily one of the better options for short-term investments. They provide a higher rate of return, independence from market fluctuations and interest volatility, and high versatility in terms of tenor period. You can also withdraw your deposit during times of crisis by paying the charges.

The interest on FD are taxable after your wages cross Rs. Bajaj Finance is now offering an interest rate of up to 8.95% on Fixed Deposits. Get Higher Return on your Investment – Apply Now! The safety of capital and surety of returns has increased the popularity of fixed deposits as investments.

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Enjoy additional features like set deposit calculator that help you estimate results and plan your investments accordingly. You can decide on a hassle-free online set deposit program with a few of the primary financiers. These deposits can … Read the rest

Life, Fitness, And Wellness

How healthy are you? Do any of you find that you are in a rut with your behaviors, your diet, your fitness or simply negative thoughts regarding the ability to make changes? Often times they are all so intertwined we can’t separate them enough to know how to get started. Take a short minute to check out the new program we are introducing through ProRobics from onto. It is about whole-body health and an idea to “Get Lean IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH”.

We are providing informational sessions this week at both gyms so please make an effort to make one and see if this is something that might help you reach the goals you have set for yourself. The pleasure was experienced by me of ending up in Dr. Mark Adams early come early July to listen to more about his philosophy and get a feeling for the kind of person he is beyond the title.

I was impressed along with his message, his personal history and lifestyle, and his ability to communicate his enthusiasm for helping people get healthier. I know when Personally I think overwhelmed and pressured I make bad decisions and frequently those decisions become patterns I want to break. That is where I personally run into mind-based roadblocks since the excuses typically deal with my desire to make change. Understand this opportunity with one as a “kick start” to a new you, with the added benefit of other users taking the task along with you.

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