Conor’s Web Log Of Esoterica

I made it through my longest solitary travel calf to day, from London to Hong Kong via Chicago. 11,746 miles. 23 hours of in-air-trip time. 31 hours of door-to-door travel time. The rest of the trip, I proved helpful. Initially on my web site update with the wedding pictures (I got more than 400 pictures) and down the road the Liberty Alliance Advanced Client spec that I’ll be presenting about in a few days at the Liberty Alliance Day in Tokyo. ORD calf (I’ve now flown 1,009,082-but-in-the-seat air miles on United Airlines — ¾ of them before 5 years).

I even attempted to utilize this fact as a way of getting a gratis update to first class (out of business course) but that didn’t help whatsoever. I suppose it will be a long time before I feel the conveniences of high grade again. Anyway, I’m now a United Global Services Million Mile Flyer, about the top of the top of elites in United’s program. All this really helps is to get improvements (I’m typically at or close to the very best of the list and have only had to “endure” coach twice so far in my 140,000 kilometers this season). Obviously, life would probably be a great deal simpler for me easily just didn’t fly so often. My kids would identify me after I show up at home. I would even get one or two “honey-do” projects done.

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