Bounty Hunters In Popular Media

Bounty hunting has made an appearance in a myriad of popular media, although most do not pertain to the commercial bail bonds industry. Despite this, popular media allows us to view the public’s opinion plus some misconceptions on the bounty hunters today. The bail bonds industry is one which includes gained a great deal of popularity lately with the upsurge in press coverage on shows such as “Dog The Bounty Hunter” and “Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force”. Although the majority of these shows primarily the aspects of the job that entails bounty hunters, there are some aspects that show the entire life of the bondsman as well.

Another popular movie that came out featuring bounty hunting as its main story was the successful Jenifer Aniston flick “The Bounty Hunter”. One YOUR MONEY CAN BUY: A fresh movie is scheduled to be released later this season in 2012 starring Katherine Heigl who looks for a lifetime career as a bounty hunter with her cousin’s firm after becoming unemployed. In this particular movie Stephanie Plum (played by Katherine Heigl) is recently divorced and manages to lose her job as a lingerie dealer and lands employment with her cousin who runs a bail bonds business.

Her cousin Vinnie (Patrick Fischler) assigns her for an ironic job to apprehend her previous enthusiast Joe Morelli (Jason OMara) who was simply a local police officer that is currently away from home. This movie is another humor using the role of a bounty hunter to portray an ironic situation that merges the principles of love, spite, and jealousy to create a comedic situation. Pitch Black: This science fiction classic starring Vin Diesel as Richard Ridstick led to the popular sequel “Chronicles of Ridstick”.

In this film Ridstick is a ruthless killer who was a fugitive on the run but have been apprehended by intergalactic bounty hunters. After a meteor strike with their cargo ship the crew becomes marooned on a desert planet inhabited by aliens that prefer to feast on the flesh of humans.

The crew discovers themselves torn between protecting their fugitive and fighting for their lives against the hordes of alien inhabitants. Although a bad guy initially, the crew soon discovers that Ridstick has a distinctive skill for dispatching life forms and becomes an essential shape in defeating the aliens. This movie gained significant amounts of popularity for its striking resemblance to the favorite movie series “Aliens”.

Domino: Based on a true story, Keira Knightley superstars as the lead personality “Domino Harvey” in this step film who looks for to become a bounty hunter out of boredom from her privileged life. Domino is the little girl of an actor and aristocrat and finds herself uninterested in the society that surrounds her family life.

Seeking some adventure and excitement she pursues the profession of bounty hunting. This movie involves a variety of storyline twists including mafia FBI and impact investigations. Domino Harvey’s True Story: Unfortunately Domino Harvey gained nearly all her success after her death in 2005 shortly prior to the movie premiered. Harvey battled with drug habit and confronted charges of developing methamphetamines by LA prosecutors.

She died in her home on house arrest awaiting trial in the summer 2005 credited to a fentanyl (pain-killer) overdose. Raising Arizona: Raising Arizona is a comedy that centers around a couple that could not conceive a kid and opt to kidnap a quintuplet to raise as their own. The couple in this movie are: H.I.

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50,000 incentives. The bounty hunter who is contracted by the Arizonas is Leonard Smalls (Randall Cobb). In the end the McDonnough coupled chooses to return the child to Nathan Arizona and specifically state that they are not interested in the incentive money but instead want the kid to develop up with a bright future. Midnight Run: Midnight Run is primarily about the exploits of the bounty hunter by the name of Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) who’s contracted to capture a mafia bail jumper after the FBI fail to apprehend him.

Jonathan Mardukas, aka The Duke, (Charles Grodin) is an accountant and money launderer for an organized criminal offense syndicate whose bail was posted at one million dollars. 100,000 connection returns for returning his fugitive. A twist is taken by The movie when Jack Walsh captures his focus on rapidly and easily. The target however was over the US, so his troubles start when Jack is transporting the fugitive back to Los Angeles from New York. The FBI, mafia, and other bail bondsmen catch wind of the capture and devise their own plots to collect on the bond return for The Duke.