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What happens when friends and family are not supportive of your business initiatives? It could be rather surprising to find out that they don’t understand what you do or think you’re crazy to be doing it. That’s when it becomes important to build up a circle of contacts who will provide the support you need. They could be other business owners, people, or clients you meet who are up to speed with your eyesight.

As you build your business, plan changes in your individual life plus your professional one. Accept that these transitions are normal and that you are not the only one experiencing them. It’s part of the changeover process that most of us have to see in order to connect with this purpose and exhibit ourselves in the world.

  • Calculation of Net Present Value (NPV) for Project A and Project B
  • Identify and clarify the components of the marketing mix (brief introduction)
  • When is your service probably to begin with, and also will certainly it be part-time or full-time
  • Logical, investigative and analytical mind, as well as creative abilities
  • House sitting

If you remain considering moving I’d like to offer you a no-obligation move analysis. A move evaluation examines your overall goals, and then I give you an honest opinion concerning if your targets are feasible. I hope this letter finds you well and please feel free to contact me at any right time.

Today I noticed your home at 446 Housley Ave is no longer listed on the market within the MLS (MLS). My name is Jim Remley and a focus on assisting people who may be frustrated that their home sold didn’t sell the first time around. I offer my clients a different, unique approach to getting their home sold regardless of the market conditions. Just one single example of my marketing plan is the effective use of the internet to maximize publicity for your home. That is absolutely critical as 86% of buyers today use the internet as their main information reference.

In addition, whenever using retailers I offer my clients: – Complete Market Overview & Pricing Analysis – Enhanced RMLS listing and a connected digital tour. Dedicated website – specific to your listing. Online Classified Advertising on Oodle, Craigslist, and Google Base. Complete email ready property information package for buyers. Exclusive 25-Point ONLINE MARKETING Strategy – Local and Regional Marketing. If you are considering re-listing your home I would welcome the chance to interview for the job.

Please, give me a call or email at your convenience. I’m sorry to see that your home has not sold yet. You’re probably thinking why a real estate agent would be shedding off a bundle of paper bath towels for you right now. It’s not strange in any way actually. I consider myself to be like a paper towel in today’s market because the main reason a home will not sell in today’s market is something called absorption. This is how it works.

There are 240 one-family homes on the market in Lowell today. 18 homes bought from Lowell in the last month. If you are an average home seller priced at an average price, it will take 13 months for the market to soak up your home. That’s where you need a good paper towel, that’s where you will need me. Over another seven days you shall get several components of correspondence in the mail from me.

Each of these will contain tools for assisting you sell your home… not 13 weeks from now…but Today. I am hoping with each one of these items, you’ll learn how I am very different in the way I skillfully market each home through shutting. Please, call me at the first convenience for a private marketing discussion.

I noticed your home listing expired lately and am sorry to hear that your home has not yet sold. The home sales process could be a difficult and exhausting process. Despite the challenges of today’s real estate market, I have seen success with real estate sales in your area. I’d be thrilled to consider the responsibility and stress of the real home sales process off your shoulder blades.