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Let’s face info. Sales people love to close gross sales, because that’s how they’re incentivized, via sales commissions. Call it the thrill of the hunt. And, most sales groups, sales managers, and sales pipeline studies are all constructed up round closing the sale. But, the sad actuality is, closing the sale is barely step one in hopefully maintaining a protracted-time period recurring relationship with that customer, which is going to require impressing them time-and-time-once more throughout the course of the connection.

Which implies: you never really end the sales process at all. Let me further explain. Most enterprise scale contracts never start at the full level. Customers sometimes like to “try earlier than they buy”. 500,000 for the full price of the annual license. So, what does that mean? Your salesperson most likely obtained the adrenaline raise from closing the pilot program, and they are on to look the next huge deal. But, that is a large mistake.

This customer wants their palms held greater than ever through the pilot program. It is essential the checks go well. And, prospects don’t really feel like their main sales government has disappeared. The sales govt wants to stay all around the achievement group to ensure all the things go perfectly “as advertised”.

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Because if they don’t, they are risking the client not pulling the trigger on the larger ticket multi-12 months contract, based mostly on dissatisfaction with their first experience with your company. So, the pilot is not the finish line for the first sale, the lengthy-term contract is. Especially, since most VC’s won’t provide you with a credit for purchasers, till they’re out of pilot stage and into long-term relationships.

And, simply because you closed an extended-term contract with a customer doesn’t imply you personal that relationship in perpetuity. Your opponents will probably be continuing to fireplace bullets in your path. Their gross sales people will probably be pitching and romancing your customers over and over again, until they in the end win the business.

Which you want to forestall, as fine as you possibly can. Your sales staff must “protect your turf” always. Determine which opponents are sniffing around the accounts. Learn what they’re pitching your customers. Pitch your comparable solutions. And, should you don’t have related solutions, tell your product staff, to allow them to add the request into their future product roadmaps. And, maintain great personal relationships along with your clients.

Because, at the top of the day, you’re in the “people business” and the happier you keep the “people”, particularly at the non-public level, the more they’ll need to maintain working with you. On the time of the sale, you want to put your annual plan of assault in place on what you must be doing with these clients over the course of the 12 months.