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This was clarified by a fresh meta-study that examined a series of studies of the bloodstream sugars of a wide range of normal pregnant women using Continuous Glucose Monitoring, home testing, and hospital laboratory results. It is made by it clear that the existing targets for being pregnant are most likely too high.

Patterns of Glycemia in Normal Pregnancy: Should the current therapeutic goals to be challenged? Teri L. Hernandez, et al. July 2011 vol Diabetes Care. A commentary published in this month’s Diabetes Care gives more insight into the importance of this study and just why doctors should aggressively lower blood sugars in pregnancy.

  • Tape your own family exercise video
  • The man digging is utilizing a spade rather than fork
  • Stacie Arthur
  • Accelerometer. It is designed to monitor your physical activity
  • 5 Day Pouch Test June Bulletin

You can read it HERE. The Full-text version is free. The commentary shows that pregnant women should strive for blood sugar that don’t surpass the first standard deviation of normal (that is the average with the number following “±” put into it. The task during pregnancy, of course, is to lower blood glucose without going too low because hypos can also cause problems for the fetus.

In addition, the perfect solution is that works so well for non-pregnant people–cutting way back on carbs–raises issues. Very low carb diets improve the concentration of ketones in the blood. This is not a problem whenever we aren’t pregnant–most of our organs can run quite gladly burning ketones. The fact that ketogenic diets downregulate T3 and slow the thyroid in non-pregnant people increases the question about whether a ketogenic diet might also have a poor effect on the baby’s developing thyroid.