Architecture In The Arab/Islamic World. 21st Century Building Telecommunication Strategies. Ian Ohan, Head of Investment Transactions, Middle East & North Africa, Jones Lang LaSalle MENA, UAE. Truly, Cityscape Dubai 2008 is a world-class real property event like no other. It’s the single most important and anticipated event of its kind! When you can attend Cityscape Dubai 2008 I would recommend that you do so highly.

And I could see why investors might look somewhere else in the triple world wide web space, paying reduced to get away from the external management model. But with a big yield, and monthly premiums, GNL at the least is worth a long look. Whitestone REIT (NYSE: WSR) is another high-yielder, yielding 10.75% at the existing price.

The company has shopping malls in the Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Phoenix, and Dallas metro areas. But a focus on neighborhood shopping malls minimizes the REIT’s exposure to the struggling retail space. Just 15% of income comes from niche retail. Here, too, the growth has been tepid, both in conditions of FFO and distributions.

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But Whitestone is guaranteeing to cut G&A, which is helping income already in 2018. And with same-store sales growing still, there’s ways to grind out some growth going forward. Near an all-time low, and at barely 10x FFO, that’s all Whitestone needs. Gladstone Land Corp (NASDAQ: LAND) comes with an interesting business model.

The company buys and leases farmland across the U.S. Up to now, the full total results have been mixed from a long-term standpoint. LAND investments at a discount to its IPO price actually. But the stock has doubled off early 2016 lows nearly, with the dividend increasing along the real way. Meanwhile, Farmland Partners Inc (NYSE: FPI), that includes a similar business design, has struggled with leverage and slowing growth. As a result, LAND investments at reduced to FPI, and a 4.2% dividend produce isn’t quite as attractive as those offered somewhere else. But this is apparently a case of investors spending money on quality, and LAND at least has its dividend solidly included in FFO.

There were inflated appraisals for the mortgaged properties, many of which also were not the homeowners’ primary residences. By December 2008, the world was reeling from the failures of hedge funds. 1 trillion) and suffered losses that were approaching 60% of their cash values (also meaning there have been no assets to regress to something easier these cash losses).