5 Best SHORT-TERM Investment Plans With High Returns In India

Read along to learn more about these cost-savings schemes, and discover which is the best option for you, to increase your savings. As one of the preferred choices of all people, cost savings accounts offer maximum liquidity. This helps you withdraw funds and anywhere without any hassles anytime. However, with an interest rate hovering around 4%, a savings account is not the best investment vehicle, unless you need access to all of your funds constantly.

Additional Read: Fixed Deposit Vs. Fixed debris is easily one of the better options for short-term investments. They provide a higher rate of return, independence from market fluctuations and interest volatility, and high versatility in terms of tenor period. You can also withdraw your deposit during times of crisis by paying the charges.

The interest on FD are taxable after your wages cross Rs. Bajaj Finance is now offering an interest rate of up to 8.95% on Fixed Deposits. Get Higher Return on your Investment – Apply Now! The safety of capital and surety of returns has increased the popularity of fixed deposits as investments.

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Enjoy additional features like set deposit calculator that help you estimate results and plan your investments accordingly. You can decide on a hassle-free online set deposit program with a few of the primary financiers. These deposits can be chosen in case you do not want to get a lump-sum amount at once. Recurring deposits provide you with the flexibility to invest money monthly. You’ll be able to open a recurring deposit account at your nearest lender or even at the post-office.

Recurring deposits from finance institutions have a minimum tenor of half a year and a maximum tenor of a decade. Understand that interest earned with them is taxable. This investment option has a tenor of 5 years. All you have to do is to visit your post office and complete a simple program process. An advantage of NSCs is that you can claim taxes exemptions under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Again, the eye earned is taxable.

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