How To REQUIRE A Review

Here are a couple images that I thought would be well worth sharing on your blog. I’d seen it suggested as a great option to help offer with Google Glass’ poor battery pack life, and it seems like that’s heading to be the case. In the merchandise package was what I believe is a fairly effective attempt at encouraging reviews.

Yelp, Citysearch, InsiderPages, or wherever. I drew an arrow where in fact the review encouragement begins. I think the wording is pretty effective:”… post something review so that others can reap the benefits of your experience” – that’s an appeal to our innate desire to help people. The inclusion of specific instructions makes sense, too.

Only problem is that Amazon seems to have changed the wording on its button – the cards says “Create your own review,” but Amazon’s button says “Write a customer review now.” Still, no big deal there, in my opinion. I think that’s a highly effective example of review encouragement (although no, I haven’t actually followed through and written one myself yet). Anything you’d differently do? What exactly are some effective messages that you’ve seen to encourage reviews?

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For example, if you truly want to promote occasions held at your business, you may move that tabs up to the very best of the list. You can include tabs apart from the ones that automatically show up also. One of the most popular sections among businesses is a shop section. By agreeing to Facebook’s terms, adding a payment method, adding a way for individuals to contact you with customer service issues, and adding products, you can let people shop for your products without departing Facebook actually.

You can also put in a specific proactive approach button toward the very best of your page. Facebook offers a number of different options you might consider, depending on your targets for your web page. For example, a button can be added by you that allows people to contact you. You can setup one that directs them to a mobile app. You could have them book a scheduled appointment.