The up to date version of the Kasia Mosaics Online Stained Glass Flower Class proceeded to go LIVE! It really is available these days to students worldwide and can be utilized by authorized students from anywhere, anytime. There is absolutely no time limit on how often you can view the videos no established time on when you need to start or complete assembling your project. Just like the onsite workshop Just, the online course is suited for all levels – a newbie as well as an advanced student will enjoy and benefit from the class. No prerequisites or drawing skills are would have to be able to successfully complete the class task.

It is a great choice for someone seeking to create a strong basis in stained cup mosaics and to develop as a stained glass Mosaic artist. WHAT EXACTLY ARE The advantages of Taking This Class? With an eternity access to the class materials, learn in the comfort of your own home/studio while creating a lovely stained cup Mosaic rose.

Learn how to score, break, and form stained glass with hands tools – no need to spend money on grinders and damp saws. You don’t need to know how to attract to make a Mosaic via this Online Class as it includes a full set of flower designs that may be used for a variety of hobby projects.

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The additional flower designs enable you to continue training your brand-new skills following completion of their high-grade Mosaic and never have to worry about the design aspect of creating a Mosaic in these first stages of learning. The techniques covered in the course can be further applied to more complex projects down the line after you create a strong base through exercising the lessons protected in class.

You will get access to a private Kasia Mosaics Online Class Facebook Group. This is where you can ask questions, share your progress, connect to other students who are taking the class and be inspired by their results. The course project makes a beautiful accent for your home or an artful gift for a special someone. The option is had by you to purchase additional project templates, kits, and frames.

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