WebFOCUS: March 2019

Like in years past, the Midwest market is well displayed (kind of like Ohio in the NCAA Sweet 16!). Eight of the loudspeakers are coming from Indiana, Ohio, or Kentucky. Tech Level: | Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of WebFOCUS administration and network architecture. Allegis Group selected WebFOCUS as its standard multi-tiered, fault-tolerant confirming solution across the head office and its operating companies. This demonstration covers how Allegis Group created a scalable business reporting solution using WebFOCUS and discuss important post-install specialized considerations. Attendees will discover the way the company’s environment evolved, the hurdles it overcame, the ensuing architecture, code-management approaches for managing multiple development teams, and successes.

This session is recommended for anybody with requirements for a secure, scalable, fault-tolerant structures, as well as newer customers starting out, or those looking to enhance their existing environment. Business cleverness is used to describe many areas of reporting within a business. Dashboards, scorecards, digital reports, paper reviews, and e-mail alerts are being volleyed at business users every day.

But are they effective? Explore developing a culture of cleverness in your organization by teaching your users how to fish. With some creative improvements to ReportCaster, BrightPoint has been able to achieve 99 percent timeliness and accuracy in sending close to 20, 000 facing reviews on a monthly basis externally.

This program will describe one company’s steps in moving from static, unfriendly reporting to a dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly confirming dashboard environment. You will also reach peer behind the scenes, from GUI programming to WebFOCUS language coding. Business cleverness (BI) dashboards are essential to Wendy’s success. Over the past three years, the business has consistently improved these dashboards to increase performance and safely address the needs of the broader user foundation. In this session, guests will learn how dashboards, directories, and other aspects of the environment were assessed, and what techniques and tools were used to enhance performance.

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Today, Wendy’s BI dashboards have advanced to include more than 400 different reviews, accessed by over 3,000 users, including inner staff and franchise employees. Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (SHIP) provides long-term care insurance services. Year ago A, SHIP partnered with Information Teradata and Builders to boost analytics, enhance fraud recognition, and create a host for faster and more informed decision-making. A richly envisioned plan with line-of-business support now has happy customers and created a potential SaaS offering for other LTC insurance providers. Success, however, has many followers and detractors. Attend to understand how you can increase the probability of making your business intelligence and enterprise data warehouse projects exceed expectations.

You want to construct an external user interface to interact with WebFOCUS nevertheless, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. This presentation will discuss how the technologies interact with each other and discuss the out-of-the-box features of Active Technology Reports that want minimal developmental effort! Prior to version 7.7 of DataMigrator, if you wanted to repeat the same data movement multiple times, but simply indicate a different desk or connection, you had to code that logic to frequently loop through the data circulation by hand.

This can be difficult to keep and troubleshoot. In DataMigrator 7.7, there are out-of-the-box facilities that produce this technique easy. We’ll walk you via an exemplary case of what our flows appeared as if before 7.7 and we’ll demonstrate details of how to easily arranged this up today. Executives, project managers, and technical developers will quickly realize how to avoid common blunders involving WebFOCUS business intelligence (BI) dashboards.