THE REALITY About Mary Kay

And it’s gonna be HOT HOT HOT! MARY KAY MINERAL FOUNDATION! On December 15th OOOOOOORRRRRR DECEMBER 10th IF you are part of the Preferred Customer Program Available! This product has been in “secret” development for several years and lastly, it’s “Mary Kay Perfect”! Senior VP, Rhonda Shasteen, shared the product around at our fall training weekend. The whole group of women who worked at MARY KAY CORPORATE who had been using (GASP) another Mineral Foundation brand and adored it!

Because MARY KAY DIDN’T HAVE ONE! So, after Rhonda paid attention to the endless praise for mineral foundations, it was made a decision by her WAS TIME! Time for Mary Kay to enter the game! A Mineral Foundation that is BETTER than ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MARKET! All the employees who were utilizing the other brand SWITCHED BACK!

  • Hard black force case
  • Waffles and wafers covered with chocolate or containing chocolates
  • Blot face dried out with a brand new, clean washcloth or towel
  • Bella Pella Tropical Flowers Body Lotion

Not only that, the performance was said by them, quality & look of Mary Kay’s TRUMPED the competing brand WITHOUT DOUBT! 18 for our foundation vs. SCOOP up the marketplace! As well as your customers can order when THEY want to, without coping with a bank account draining “auto-ship” purchase plan. It’s a foundation. It’s a powder. That’s the wonder of mineral powder base. It’s beauty made simple.

A foundation that continues on with the sweep of a brush. A weightless natural powder that mixes easily for a perfect look. A skin perfecter which makes lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections seem to disappear. And it’s transfer-resistant, so it receives fade away midday. The secret to a perfect application is having the perfect brush, and that’s why we created one. The Mineral Foundation Brush is custom-designed to work with the building blocks. They’re designed for each other to provide results like you’ve never seen or felt before.

No other clean you own will come near to the Mineral Foundation Brush. The bristles are gentle, natural hair that is brief and smooth over the top, so you get the right amount of foundation and the right level of buildable coverage. WHAT’S THE BUZZ AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET? Mineral-based products will be the hot craze in makeup products. Growing amounts of specialty brands as well as mass retail brands offer mineral makeup options to meet up with the ever-increasing demand by women worldwide.

As more consumers strive to lead healthier life styles, being “natural” and using more botanical or mineral-sourced elements in food and personal care products continue steadily to gain huge popularity. WHO ARE YOUR VISITORS? Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation has an additional base option to the present Mary Kay foundation line. This product can be utilized by women of most ages and all epidermis types. And it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

WHAT MAKES MINERAL POWDER FOUNDATION NOT THE SAME AS OTHER FACIAL POWDERS? Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation is a foundation in powder form. This weightless formula mixes for a perfect look and evens out the complexion while providing buildable coverage with the comfort of a silky powder. It’s transfer-resistant and gained fade midday.

Other regular facial pressed or loose powders generally have pure/luminous coverage or shine-control properties. These powders provide neither the coverage nor the benefits of a foundation. SO HOW EXACTLY DOES MARY KAY MINERAL POWDER FOUNDATION SPECIFICALLY CHANGES FROM MK SIGNATURE LOOSE POWDER? As well as the general differences mentioned previously, Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation contains an increased percentage of minerals than our loose powder.

Also, the key function of our loose natural powder is to help control surplus oil while establishing makeup for a flawless look. WHAT DO DERMATOLOGISTS SAY ABOUT MINERAL POWDER MAKEUP? Many leading dermatologists identify and approve of the benefits of mineral makeup, such as the ease of application, its excellent coverage and adhesion to the skin. However, dermatologists generally believe that mineral makeup is not just a true treatment product for your skin layer, nor can an average use provide the necessary amount of sun protection. WHAT’S THE ORDER OF APPLICATION WHEN USING MARY KAY MINERAL POWDER FOUNDATION?

Your customers should follow their normal daily skin care and makeup software regimens, applying nutrient powder basis in the same order as their current foundation. If using the MK Signature Facial Highlighting Pen, it’s recommended to use it before Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation. MK Signature Loose Powder is optional depending on the needs of your customers’ epidermis and may be using to renew their look throughout the day. WHAT’S THE ULTIMATE WAY TO APPLY MARY KAY MINERAL POWDER FOUNDATION?