Undocumented Aircraft Repairs

What is Undocumented Damage? Undocumented harm is most probably the reason for an undocumented repair. The FARs don’t focus on undocumented injury. They do however focus on undocumented repairs. These are repairs carried out to and aircraft, engine propeller, or appliance that’s not documented properly in the maintenance information. There are only a few causes this is able to occur.

We will focus on the explanations on this month’s newsletter. Hangar Rash is a typical undocumented damage. Which may easily lead to an undocumented restore. Lets say a lineman was re-positioning the aircraft to get prepared for the next day’s departures when he by accident clips a place mild in opposition to the hanger door.

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He realizes this and sees that it pulled the light out from the wings fiberglass mounting surface simply barely. He, who’s mechanically inclined but not authorized to do a repair, will get his tool box and removes the wingtip and institutes a substandard and illegal repair to prevent anybody from realizing that any injury occurred.

Now he believes he has achieved the best thing, after all he has saved his firm from the time and embarrassment related to coping with this problem and the shopper can fly his airplane the subsequent morning. This is clearly an uncommon incidence however, none the less it happens all too typically.

That is an instance where undocumented injury becomes an undocumented restore. Bird Strikes are even much less common but do pose an actual difficulty with undocumented damage. A pilot is on brief final when a small flock of birds is startled and fly into his path. He receives a strike in opposition to his wing’s leading edge and it dents slightly.

This pilot who’s an A&P looks on the harm and decides that it is negligible and does not report the harm to the owner. This hen strike was later seen by the owner and he requested the mechanic about it. The mechanic instructed him the story and mentioned it was a negligible dent and wouldn’t have an effect on the flight traits of the aircraft.

And apart from “you don’t desire a harm history”. Well this is totally all too frequent. A mechanic advises his consumer not document or repair negligible harm on account of its effect on aircraft worth. This is simply not good advice. At the top of the day the aircraft must conform to its original kind design and any negligible injury shouldn’t be part of the kind design.

I do know what you’re pondering and the reply is “It’s a really slim line to stroll but use your judgment on what needs to be repaired and what actually is negligible.” Regardless it should all be documented. That is widespread amongst training aircraft. The fact is that aircraft are very very powerful.

Sometime though, not robust enough. A few of the hidden damage might be ignored for several inspection cycles and someday perhaps not discovered at all. It is important to make sure that whenever you experience a tough landing that you’ve the aircraft completely inspected Specifically for that harm. Believe it or not it happens.