Karren Brady And Her Diet Chef Weight Loss Success Story

A lot of people in the UK know about Karren Brady because she got over from Margaret Mountford in the Apprentice after she made a decision to stop the show. She will also be acquainted to many soccer fans because she’s kept high-profile positions at Birmingham City, and most Western Ham lately.

However in the last couple of months it has been Karren Brady’s weight loss that is making the headlines. She did this utilizing a company called Diet Chef, who essentially prepare low-calorie foods for breakfast time, dinner, and lunch, and deliver them to customers’ homes. They are doing all the calorie counting, so dieters don’t need to worry about viewing what they eat because all of their meals are taken care of.

Karren Brady admits that she has tried several diets before, but never really had any success. So she felt it was worth giving Diet Chef a go to find out if would change lives, and it has clearly. She looks a lot thinner than she did before, and she also looks more radiant and a lot healthier as well.

If you are thinking about joining Diet Chef yourself, it’s very easy to do. You simply choose whether you want a 1200 or a 1500 calorie per day meal plan and then choose meals from the menu. You can also choose some snacks as well because these will participate your 1200 or 1500 calorie each day diet.

  • ΒΌ teaspoon cooking powder
  • Day 2: Deep Clean the Kitchen
  • 3 Mile Calorie Blast
  • Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Pedal Power DVD
  • Blood testing
  • Viral or bacterial infection

The food is then delivered in a hamper, and you can then freeze the meals and warm them up each day. So it is an extremely convenient way of dieting, and the best thing of most is that Diet Chef does all of the calorie count for you. Plus of course you don’t have to buy any food for yourself through the week. Karren Brady used Diet Chef to reduce a stone in weight prior to the last end of 2012, in September and she only started this new diet. So it clearly does work if you eat all of these meals and remain disciplined actually.

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