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Pannacotta etc was probably one of many successful entrepreneur tales, it was more popular as a small home-online business which in turn grew to this pannacotta huge brand that captivates a great deal of its costumers. Along using its success, it’s now having its first standard flagship store in Pacific Place Mall Jakarta! Despite the fact that they now have a store, that doesn’t mean that they’re leaving their reason behind success: online shopping. They still receive orders via mobile phone and email and deliver the pannacotta right to your cribs! The outlet is situated on the 4th floor of Pacific Place Mall Jakarta just accross Starbucks and Aksara.

It’s not literally big but it includes this simple but still having that hip and chill feeling to it, the wall socket probably suits around 25-30 people maximum. Beside the primary courses (read: pannacota), they also provide you with selections of their signature Panini sandwiches and freshly made beverages. During my visit, I purchased their two suggested pannacottas: Baileys and Mixed Berries. The pannacottas are sold for the same price: 30k each. I just about fond of that one. If you are expecting the pannacotta to be soft and smooth, well it’s indeed soft, and smooth, but it has a thicker and gelatinous consistency than the other pannacottas I’ve had before in life. Refreshing iced lemon tea with lemon slices in the drink. It was a good visit to Pannacotta etc, I am going to come back again for more pannacottas surely, probably going to test their Butterscotch and Chocolate!

A Robot THAT MAY Throw Bananas? Scientists are now developing models that allow robots to learn from experience. Give consideration, because deep learning is poised to operate a vehicle significant advances. Check out this Interop keynote video where Graham Holdings’ Stacey Halota represents the twists and turns of her career and the problems that security and privacy groups face. Of the very best five database vendors by revenue, four are also cloud-service providers — Oracle, Microsoft, AWS, and IBM. The future of DBMS is within the cloud.

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