Social Relationships And Business Networks: The Case Of Western Companies In China

This article discusses the role played by social human relationships when penetrating a international business network. In the business network literature social bonds have been determined as a dimension of buyer-seller relationships, but few studies have centered on this issue actually. The present study analyzed based on semi-structured interviews with Chinese and non-Chinese employees the role of social relationships in the marketing of projects and commercial goods by Western companies in China.

In particular the Chinese and the experienced non-Chinese respondents pressured the need for personal relationships, which were seen as a prerequisite for most information and business exchanges. Factors which might have influenced the role played by social relationships in China are discussed, and different ways to build up such relationships are suggested. The decision of different operational modes is discussed in terms of the gain access to that they could give to social networks. The total results suggest a craze towards using own units in China, and towards moving the responsibility for ‘network’ to local employees.

The crystal chandelier is a relic of the Wittgenstein, as is the solid oak table and the fine china and silver precious metal. The dining room has a distinct Old World feel, and is lighted with multiple candelabras, although there are electric lights if necessary. The dining hall is easily spacious enough for the whole complement of staff and guests to be seated easily. Storage Closet – The storage closet is beneath the stairwell and is only accessible from the Dining Hall. The farmer keeps here table video games and sports activities equipment, and some racks of paperbacks.

Pantry – The farmer keeps a multitude of dried out goods here. For the present time the farmer is prepared to encourage people to help themselves to anything in the pantry and your kitchen, although he suspects that if many guests start to abuse the privilege he will start locking the doors. The pantry has a little step ladder to reach all the shelves, which reach to the ceiling up.

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Cold Storage – Although the kitchen has a regular refrigerator, it was thought by the farmer prudent to invest in a massive walk-in freezer, considering how he makes runs to town seldom. The freezer is kept by him well stocked, both with unslaughtered cows, pigs, and poultry, as well as fully divided steaks and cuts of meat.

The fridge he will keep locked at all times for protection reasons. Can’t have a visitor (especially a kid) sneaking in and getting wiped out. The farmer and any personnel or farmhands he decides will have a key to the frosty storage device. Like the remaining farmstead, cold storage is powered by the generator in the toolshed. Kitchen – The kitchen is the most modern room in the house probably. The farmer sank a lot of money into stainless appliances and refurbished cabinets.

A microwave, oven, stove, toaster range, and refrigerator are new. The fridge is well stocked, but moreover the kitchen is flanked with a pantry and a cool storage unit, both well-stocked also. Modern plumbing, a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher help the farmer and his staff clean up. The linoleum floor is laid.