Among Beauty Drawers

I am an enormous movie enthusiast and I am obsessed with the award season in Hollywood. But The Academy Awards or even as we call them “The Oscars” are the best prize show and I really like it for many reasons. First I love the films and viewing the awards and all the speeches people make while accepting them, I love the Red Carpet fashion and I usually take my time to note everyone’s makeup.

And this year I made a decision to let all my emotions out about any of it on my blog. Jennifer used a blush pink Dior Haute Couture gown. This is my favorite dress from the night time. She wore it very gracefully and looked stunning in it. I love the way the gown moves and the fact that it’s strap less makes the detail on it stand out more.

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  3. Skin types and color undertones
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It was definitely a very memorable dress on the Red Carpet, just like her known red dress by Calvin Klein Collection that she used on the 2011 Oscars. She wowed me with her yellow metal Giorgio Armani dress sparkly. It was just the right amount of sparkle and the light gold to illuminate her pale skin.

Also the lower of the dress fitted her incredibly. I also love her locks color and how it suits the whole look. This actress is so beautiful and inspiring. I’ve watched her since Mean Girls completely Dear John and Mamma Mia and many more movies that I really like.

She used an Alexander McQueen dress with amazing details in an exceedingly light off white almost light blue color with white details on it. I really like the stream in this dress and she wore it flawlessly. A pale brunette in a blue sparkly Zuhair Murad dress is always an eye catcher for me. I really like Lily Collins, but I am in love with her style. She actually is always flawlessly put together.

Nina Dobrev is the best TV star fashionista. Ian and Her Somerhalder will be the most stylish few I’ve ever seen. She screams elegance with this dress by Naeem Kahn. Again this is another dress that is very form fitted and loosens up towards the end. A lot of detail and an amazing contrast with black and white. They were my fashion favorites and I’m posting next my makeup favorites too. I hope you like this type of content on my blog too. Tell me what you think in the comments.