“Mediators Of Weight Loss In An Internet-based Intervention For African”

The primary aim of this research was to evaluate the process variables involved with a weight loss program for African-American adolescent girls. This internet-based intervention compared a behavioral treatment program to an educational treatment program; it was hypothesized that participants randomized to the behavioral condition would lose more weight at six months than those in the educational condition. Several process variables have been recognized as affecting success in in vivo weight-loss programs for adults and children, including program adherence, self-efficacy, and social support.

The current research searched for to broaden the knowledge of these process variables as they pertain for an involvement program that is presented via the internet. It had been hypothesized that variables such as program adherence, dietary self-efficacy, mental factors, and cultural support factors would mediate the effect of experimental condition on weight loss.

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Results partially supported the hypotheses. For weight loss among adolescents, parent variables pertaining to life and family satisfaction were the most powerful mediating factors. For parent-weight loss, changes in dietary practices during the period of 6 months were the strongest mediators. These results suggest that family/parental factors exert a strong influence on weight-reduction efforts for adolescents. Future treatment studies should highlight the role of the family and integrate components to handle emotional well-being of other family to assist in success.

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