What is All Fours Fitness? It’s fitness on the go with this 10-minute plan to a much better you. No weights or fancy equipment necessary, you come outfitted with all you need. All Fours Fitness is the only exercise system that trains the whole body anaerobically and aerobically simultaneously. The trick to it’s efficiency is training system based on the actions of pets. It’s bio-mechanics emulates that of four-legged creatures. Training in this fashion develops the total body agility, power, flexibility, and endurance that animals normally possess.

The system trains the primary, the forepaws (shoulders, arms, upper back, upper body), the quads (as well as the whole thigh area), and the calfs. The machine is designed to improve cardio-vascular fitness, strength training, and agility-all-in-one smooth workout. It’s a complete training regimen that engages the entire body in only ten minutes. As always, consult your physician before attempting any new exercise routine.

It is hard to try out hockey when every section of the body feels like it’s been pulverized with a hammer. My hockey playing coworkers in those non-contact hockey games were not undesirable to accidentally making contact against my already pain-sensitive physicality. Despite my less than successful exception, cross training can be a useful tool to help avoid recurring strain injuries, and mental or physical fatigue credited to one sport over training. Like in the full case of the runner turned cyclist, you may discover your true calling.

The simplest way to register is to visit the CHS Athletics website and complete the online sign up available there. Click here to Register now! Sticks, goggles, shin guards, and mouth guards are mandatory for each practice. Please, bring your own water bottle! Cheerleading- Tryouts took place earlier this month and our first practice will be August 23rd from 4-6 with a parent/athlete meeting to check out at 6. Practice and the conference will take to put in place the Rodman Fitness center. On Thursday morning Boys Soccer- All boys thinking about playing soccer should report to the turf/track, August 24th at 8:00am for a fitness test including a 2-mile run. No cleats necessary for this session.

Goalkeepers will NOT be working the 2-mile but will teach in goal at the conclusion of the fitness training. Our first field session will need place later that day at the grass field on lower campus (Gibson) from 4:00-6:00pm (goalkeepers start at 3:00pm). Need more info? Golf- Mandatory conference on Wednesday, August 23rd at 2:00pm at the Galvin Middle School to go over the tryout process/timetable. Times and locations for tryouts on Thursday, August 24th will be distributed at this meeting.

Friday August 18 Practice begins at 5:45 at the turf-Helmets only. Volleyball- We welcome anyone interested in playing volleyball (no experience necessary) to join us for tryouts at the CHS fitness center. We bring three teams: varsity, Freshman, and JV. Sunday, August 27 – 5:00pm – 9:00pm. Please, arrive 15 minutes to begin time prior.

  • Try not to endure until you’re excessively hungry
  • SPA + Zen Lounge
  • It may reduce the amount of nutrition for your baby
  • 1 tsp surface cumin

Bring a lot of water plus some snack foods for break time. Girls and Boys Cross Country- Thursday, August 24th at 8:00am at the CHS McLoud Field House at the monitor. Bring water, day good couple of running shoes and athletic wear for our first! Girls Soccer- All girls thinking about playing soccer at CHS should report to Gibson Field (baseball field) at CHS on Thursday morning, August 24th at 8:00am for a fitness test. An on field program will need a place that trip to 3:00pm on the CHS turf.

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