JUST HOW Have I Done?

I own this stock of Russel Metals Inc. (TSX-RUS, OTC-RUSMF). This was a stock on Mike Higgs’ Canadian Dividend Growth List. This is why I was following this stock and why it was bought by me. I’ve had this stock since 2007. I bought more in 2009 2009 and 2011. It is a commercial stock so I expect to make money over the long run, but this ongoing company will have problems in all recession. So how have I done?

My total return is 2.14% per calendar year with capital reduction at 4.22% per calendar year and dividends at 6.36% per 12 months. This is a minimal return. If you look at how much of the cost of the stock that my dividends have protected, it is some 37%. This is good after 8 years.

  • Contracting with substandard suppliers/submanagers
  • If possible, have tie-up or alliance with a local operator
  • Creating of the dashboard from scratch
  • Depreciation, amortization, or depletion

I made three separate purchases of this stock. This first purchase was the best, the second was the lowest and the 3rd was an among price. This is not exactly a dividend growth stock. Dividends have gone down as well as and dividends have been suspended before up.

An example is in 1992 when dividends were suspended for some 7 years because the company was having a difficult time making an income. Over the past 5 and a decade, dividends have grown by 8.7% and 4.3% per 12 months. Analysts do not see this company changing their dividends over another year or two but a recent article referenced later by Motley Fool suggests that. Growth in Revenue, Earnings, and CASHFLOW within the last 5 and 10 years has been non-existent to moderate.

For 2015 many of these items were less than in 2016. For the positive aspect of this stock has great debts ratios that will assist it through the tough times. I am likely to retain my shares in this ongoing company. I purchased this stock to diversify into industries and this reasoning has not changed.

1.01. This stock price testing indicate that this stock is expensive relatively. However, I wonder how valid it is to check the stock price using P/E Ratio because earnings are very volatile. 19.81. This stock price screening shows that the stock price is reasonable, but above the median. A problem here is that the Graham Price is also quite volatile. If you take a look at dividend yield you get a different story. 1.52. The existing dividend yield is some 50% greater than the 5 season median dividend produce.