The Pinoy Solutions

It is a while since I last published something in here. No, my lack doesn’t mean the issues we are facing are already solved that I have nothing more to write. Actually, I had been more of solving my personal financial problems first (translation: I have to work), but on that too I realize it’ll never be permanently resolved.

So, here I am, back to thinking about what our problems are and how exactly we as normal Filipinos can solve them. Again, I must review what the issues are in the first place. CAN I now improves on my previous list and list them again here in ascending order worth focusing on. I outlined thirteen problems (a bad luck amount, from ten) and desire to have covered all the problems Filipinos are facing.

I am not necessarily sure whether what I am doing here’s pure garbage, but garbage on the roads irks me. The average Filipino requires a bath daily, but will not clean about as often. I think we must solve this problem. 13, this nagging problem is personal if you ask me. In Meycauayan where I grew, there is flood everytime there is rain (not before). Actually, when there is no rain even, there is an overflow due to high tide. The same holds true in many elements of Metro Manila. I assume flooding is a concern of several Filipinos and deserves to be on this list.

12). Day On an ordinary, Paranaque to Caloocan requires at least 2 hours by car. When people cannot afford to live near where they work, just as most working Pinoys can’t heavy traffic is an encumbrance. Sometimes, we can not say that this is a problem for the press is principally used for entertainment, right?

TV and AM radio (the main press subscribed to by most Pinoys who are either “Kapuso” or “Kapamilya”)? What kind of ideals do those planned program inculcate in our children? Now tell me, what is the future of this country, then? Do we hasten our death just by residing in Metro Manila and breathing its air? This is the relevant question Manilans face everyday.

Although this issue is solely in the Urban centers, I believe it deserves a higher ranking than the prior problems because that one kills us softly without us knowing it. Yet another one million Filipinos are anticipated to work overseas per calendar year, sending Vast amounts of dollars back and afloat keeping our economy.

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But at what cost? I’ve seen medication busts of factories manufacturing Shabu, recovering illegal drug’s value in the billions of Pesos. But where will be the mastermind? How long were they able to operate before being busted? Where were the drugs distributed? Again, this problem poses hard questions about our future.

Kidnappings, burglary, rape, petty theft daily happen. Every day, there is news of murders, even what seem to be summary executions. I work in the health care industry and I observe how the inherent lack usage of healthcare. But middle-income people (such as most of us who’ve access to the internet are) have problems too.

I work within the industry yet I cannot say I could receive good health care when I want it. The problem is more on the infrastructure. There are extremely few hospital beds, we sorely lack medical equipment (especially government hospitals), and we lack specialists who can work on the equipment. In the country, there are so many unemployed yet there are few people experienced to get to work.

I have been performing pre-employment and verification interviews (for my business) and I am amazed by the fact that many college graduates cannot write a whole sentence (in English and even in Filipino)! So, not only will there be a lack of education in most, additionally there is the low quality of education received by many who are lucky enough to get it.