Mix It In Food?

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  • Loss of energy
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  • Tingling or numbness in the hands or ft
  • 30 lb effective flywheel
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Mine is so uncommon, doctors don’t seem to learn a lot about it. Susie you appear etc top of things, that is such a very important thing. Strategy to use! One day I was fine but experienced some blood in my own urine. They thought a infectioninmy was had by me urinary tract or bleeding from my kidneys.

Nothing came back so they do a cat scan .That’s when they noticed the bigger liver. They did a biopsy found stage 4 Nash said I would never see 5 years they said my portal vein was blocked and voices in my stomach. They never explained to lift over 10 lbs as if the veins began bleeding I would bleed to loss of life before I could get help. I transformed my diet began visiting the gym. I’m still alive I lift the weights and eat a lot of veggies, liked alcohol or smoking, or had hep c never.

My beautiful wife of 46 years worried about me and ensured I did so the right things. This season of pancreatic cancers She passed away in Jan. Now that’s a horrible death. From diagnosis to death 11 days. Makes me feel bad about my dying day and being alone while I go.