For Corporate America, Abortion Is Just Too Hot TO TAKE CARE OF

Some topics are just too sensitive for corporate and business America. With regards to the draconian new abortion laws passed by some conservative US states recently, the country’s biggest companies have been conspicuously silent. There have been no general public condemnations or outraged claims, no investment bans, no calls for boycotts. When corporate and business America ponders abortion — an intensely personal matter that evokes furious general public issue — it sees only a lose-lose proposition. Contacted by AFP for their views on the presssing concern, roughly twelve big American businesses — from hi-tech and telecommunications giants to leaders in bank, sports, entertainment and distribution — offered no opinion or didn’t respond.

MeToo motion to protest alleged intimate offenses by actors and celebrities. CEO of a prominent pr firm, speaking to avoid offending employees anonymously, clients or partners. Abortion is one of “the issues that have the capability to polarize your audience,” said Melissa Dodd, professor of public relations at the University of Central Florida.

Conversely, in regards to a one fourth of Republicans have confidence in a woman’s to choose. Reinflaming the decades-old debate, Republicans in Alabama and other conservative states launched a major offensive on abortion rights in the past week. Lawmakers in Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana and Missouri also have advanced laws to severely restrict abortion. Being among the most draconian is the new Alabama law imposing a near-total ban on abortion, when pregnancy results from rape or incest even. They have drawn criticism even from some Republicans — but a word from corporate and business America scarcely. Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, told AFP. The German automaker has two factories in the rural Southern condition, which is favored by big companies because of its low labor costs and “right-to-work” laws seen as hostile to unions.

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