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New research adds to the evidence that links ongoing rest loss with an elevated threat of type 2 diabetes. The small study involved 11 healthy volunteers; they had a mean age group of 39 years. The volunteers spent two, 14-day periods in a rest lab. The two studies were conducted at least 90 days apart, reports MedPage Today. During one study period participants spent 8.5 hours in bed each night time; through the other two-week study period their nightly time in bed was restricted to only 5.5 hours. In both scholarly studies their daytime activities were limited; but they could actually eat as much and normally as they wanted.

Bedtime restriction reduced their nightly sleep duration by more than two hours; during those two weeks they slept for an average of five hours, 11 minutes. Putting on weight was similar during both research intervals. Results show that fourteen days of sleep loss resulted in both insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance. They are two markers of an elevated diabetes risk. “These results would reveal that a healthy lifestyle should include not only healthy eating habits, and adequate amounts of physical activity, but also obtaining a sufficient amount of rest,” study co-author Dr. Plamen Penev said in a ready statement.

Another new study used study data to link sleep length with diabetes risk in Korean men; the risk of experiencing type 2 diabetes was doubly saturated in those who reported sleeping five hours or less per night. A scholarly study released in May linked self-reported rest length with diabetes risk in whites and Hispanics; those who reported sleeping seven hours or less were doubly likely to develop diabetes.

A 2007 study in the journal Sleep analyzed survey data from almost 9,000 people in the U.S.; sleeping five hours or less increased their diabetes risk by 50 percent nearly. Night The AASM reports that most adults need about seven to eight hours of rest each. Sleep plays an important role in regulating lots of body functions. These include body’s temperature, hormone production, and metabolism.

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