The First Class Project: Review: JAL First Class Lounge

Here’s a quick review of Japan Airline’s First Class lounge in Narita. I’ve already reviewed this lounge in detail before and you may be sure out here. Not a lot has transformed between that visit and now so I will just run through that one really quickly. Right from the airplane and through the transit security, I went right to the lounge. The lounge also offers short massage treatments in the relaxation rooms in the same area but I didn’t feel just like getting one this time around.

Although there is no menu service and the meals options in the lounge are a little limited, I have to say that the quality of the meals that they are doing have are actually good. Like I mentioned in my earlier review, Personally i think like this is a glorified Business Class lounge.

It is pretty good, but additionally it is not so impressive — considering we are also at their house airport. In comparison to my last visit, though, there have been a lot less people this time around and things were less chaotic and more peaceful. I also believe that the food they serve in the afternoon (during this visit) is much better than the ones they serve during breakfast (during my previous visit). Bottomline, though, is that JAL’s First Class lounge is enough because of its purpose. I would still make an effort to go to the airport terminal early to have the ability to spend an hour or two here, but only that.

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