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Business Planning – five levels of competency In business you make decisions and act upon them predicated on your current level of awareness. An action or decision is simply the means your very best available awareness at this time selects to fulfill a need or desire, or to handle a situation.

When you are unconsciously incompetent, you do not know, and you do not know you do not know! Just as there are laws that have an effect on our physical world (gravity, entropy, etc), there are laws and regulations of human efficiency. Eventually these “laws” will keep us in charge of inappropriate actions and decisions – often made due to insufficient awareness. When you consciously incompetent, you know that you don’t know, and therefore, you can start to learn and change. Being conscious of your incompetence creates a fever to improve, to know, to set and reach new and better goals.

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At this degree of competency, you make appropriate decisions and take action appropriately often. The task is that you will be not sure why you are competent or why things workout. This makes it difficult to do it again your success or to teach and share it. As of this level you have learned how to be qualified, developed skills, and motivated appropriate actions and behaviors for success. But is it enough to know?

Education and skills are essential, but using skill and education is where the real pay value is situated. Human effectiveness training is about reaching the fifth level of competency and becoming Unconsciously Consciously Competent. Real experts convert their decision making over to their subconscious where competency occurs naturally, free-flowingly, spontaneously and consistently. In the current financial business cycle we regard the long-term business planning to be an important area of the process. However, in uncertain times you also need a business plan you can use today. THE MAIN ONE-Page Plan (OPP) is simple to build up using our worksheets. The idea is to build up a business plan, and strategy you may use today, as well as the longer term.

Many business plans are not began because the task is apparently difficult. To start getting some basic ideas written. With our system you can form your plan as you progress easily. Our One Page Plan might need attachment pages to explain the details of cash flow or other key information.

However, you only have a few minutes to appeal to an trader or alliance partner. Make every second count! Our guides or facilitated periods will help you develop your plan quickly and effectively. Step one 1. Cashflow excel spreadsheet – A must have for just about any business plan, do not leave home without it.

This spreadsheet template shows how to complete a cash flow and compute how much one hour you must earn. Suitable for business users to get results today. This tool develops Mind Mapping techniques in a simple to use format. Ideal for small business to Government for powerful results today. Step three 3. Force Field eWorksheet – One of the most dynamic decision machine, cuts to underneath collection immediately!