I USUALLY Loved Fairytales Growing Up

I always loved fairy tales growing up, I enjoyed princesses and castles and knights on horses, Fairies with blooms and wings in their hair. I love dresses and makeup and ribbons and lace… I like to look pretty and cooking and caring for others, boys opening doors and fixing anything broken. In conclusion, I’m about as a girl as it gets stereotypically. This has led to the discovery of Laura jobs and non-Laura jobs.

Lifting a rolled up raft from the vehicle to the shore, that’s definitely not a Laura job. Making breakfast time for the strong men that will do the above job? Laura written all over it. Hauling tents and moving stacked recliners fall season into the non-Laura category also. Dinners and picking up wedding gifts I’ve got covered though. I appreciate those who understand our distinctive roles. Glad we came up to a knowledge so first in our friendship.

Items such as watches, necklaces, bracelets should be fine but if you want to package a brooch with an extended sharpened pin or a ring that is similar to a knuckle duster, you can expect to be questioned at Security then! Also, ask yourself whether or not it is essential to use your jewelry, especially if it is expensive.

Walking around international countries putting on expensive jewelry could potentially make you an easy aim for for muggers! No, Aerosols aren’t allowed in your hands baggage. However, certain aerosols that are purchased at the air-port or from an air travel may be taken up to speed the plane in your hands luggage. We hope this simple guide is beneficial and helps answer any relevant questions you might have.

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