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While a portion of this is because of the sell-off across investment-grade commercial bonds, another description lies in the composition of the index. Since January 2007, the composition of the index has remained relatively static in relation to holdings of Aaa and Baa ranked securities. Since early 2007, the yield of Aaa and Aa securities has stayed smooth (though spreads to Treasuries have widened significantly).

In other words, a lot of the upsurge in ‘absolute yield’ levels of Investment Grade Corporate Bond indices are credited to a worsening of credit, not necessarily natural market opportunity. While I personally find value at these levels, it is important to comprehend what risks you are taking as an investor.

  • Vacancy rate
  • Share of funds in governmental investment accounts or swimming pools
  • Volatility of income
  • You are happy with the quote. Make sure it is accurate and includes all foreseeable work
  • Not great hedges against inflations

There is no guessing or predicting. 12.0 to get Buy -12 and Transmission.0 to obtain a Sell Signal. AFTER I concern a Buy Signal on the NYSE, for example, the metric can go up to it wants. 50.0 in an exceedingly powerful sustained up market. It could then go down to -11.9 and I still will not contemplate it a Sell Signal until it hits -12.0.

This is vital because we’ve seen it get very near to Sell Signal levels and then rebound. So that it works as a filtration system to avoid frequent, unnecessary signals. A year For the past 40 years I have averaged 3 round travels, so it identifies Intermediate Trends. You can view my historical results here.

Note the amount of Signals each year and particularly notice the number of days in and from the market. If you’re acquainted with any bad or good years, you shall see that the RIX retains us in up marketplaces and more importantly, helps to keep us out of major drops in the market. Trend Following does not get any better than this.

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